“Stunning work in a short amount of time. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work done. The value was definitely there.”

– Tom & Mary Jo Critchlow

“Impressive work. The whole group one the job was professional and courteous, and once the job was done you couldn’t tell they’d ever been there.”

– Chris Hiser

“Exceeded expectation in every area, time, price and quality. Pettit will always be my first choice for home projects.”

– Matt Barron

“Look at these results!! Pettit contracting placed our new tin roof in a such professional manner. Done on time as promised. We found a dent and not only did they promptly fix it but they replaced the whole sheet without hesitation. We were so impressed as they cleaned up everything behind themselves even cleaned gutters and cleaned the drive with a leaf blower. We can’t wait for the next project for Pettit contracting to do for us!”

  – Tori Capps